1. These Terms of Service (hereinafter: “ToS”), along with other documents mentioned in it, determines the conditions that apply to the use of the FEEV Application, registering the User’s Account, the provisions of providing electronic services, participating in the Loyalty Program, the conditions of entering and terminating electronic service contracts, the provisions of making purchases via the FEEV app, and rights and obligations of FEEV and the User, the liability and rules of filing complaints via the FEEV Application.

  2. Acting as an agent in selling Tickets in the FEEV Application from FEEV’s partners is FEEV B.V. situated in the Netherlands, Charlotte van Montpensierlaan 65A, 1181 RP Amstelveen. Entered into the Chamber of Commerce with number: 77003187 (hereinafter: „FEEV”). FEEV is not a carrier nor provides Accommodation Services.

  3. Before beginning to use the Services, the Users are obligated to read the ToS and accept their contents. From the moment of beginning to use the Services, the User is obligated to observe the rules of the ToS.

  4. The ToS apply to the sale of Tickets in the FEEV Application with the reservation that the Terms of Services of carriers or subjects providing Accommodation Services may put additional requirements on the Users, which are not included in these ToS.


  1. FEEV Application – a mobile application for mobile devices available for free to download in the official Google Play and App Store application stores, enabling the Users to view offers from FEEV Partners and purchase Tickets, and view and purchase Accommodation Services. The Application is also a communication platform consisting of a network of services provided in the electronic form and on the request of the Users.

  2. Ticket – a shipping document that confirms an agreement entered between the User and a FEEV Partner, which grants the User the right to travel with a means of transport provided by the FEEV Partner. Depending on the means of transportation and the internal rules of the FEEV Partner who is the carrier, the Ticket may be changed or canceled by the User in line with the rules determined in the carrier’s terms of service and or policies. The Tickets are distributed in electronic form. The User will have an option to print the Tickets out on their own.

  3. Workdays – means the days from Monday through Friday, excluding the days statutorily free from work in the Netherlands.

  4. Account – a User’s individual account which enables them to fully use the FEEV Application’s functionalities, including the option to purchase Tickets and Accommodation Services or the order history. Through their Account, the User may post and present information about their profile, interests, their activity with other Users and for persons not registered in the FEEV Application. Access to all functionalities of the FEEV Application may be limited in the case of mutual blocking of Accounts between the Users based on their individual decisions.

  5. Buyer – A User who is a natural person and uses the FEEV Application, particularly making purchases for the purpose not directly connected with their business or professional activity or connected with it, provided that the agreement entered does not have a professional character for them, stemming in particular from the subject of their business activity shared based on the provisions of CEIDG (”Consumer”), as well as a User making purchases connected with their business or professional activity excluding the case described in the previous sentence (“Entrepreneur”).

  6. Amount – an amount which the User is obligated to pay after successfully ordering a Ticket or Accommodation Services available in the FEEV Application. The amount comprises the price of selected Tickets, the cost of Accommodation Services, FEEV’s administrative fees, and the cost for the agent of the payment (if applicable). The User is informed about the final Amount before confirming the order.

  7. Materials – texts, pictures, graphic files, multimedia content, and other content, shared or published in the FEEV Application by the Users on their Accounts, including deliverables within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

  8. FEEV Partners – a natural person, a legal person, or an organizational entity without legal personality (also part of the company of the subjects above), which based on a separate agreement with FEEV got the option to enter Ticket or Accommodation Services sales agreements with Users via FEEV Application.

  9. Privacy Policy – the way of collecting, processing, and stories personal data necessary to provide services remotely, in the electronic form via the FEEV mobile Application.

  10. Wallet – the service provided by FEEV, consisting in creating and handling a virtual wallet on the User’s Account, in which Ticket purchase confirmations, Accommodation Services confirmations, and confirmations of FEEV Cash points are stored.

  11. Order confirmation – information for the User that their order of a Ticket or other Accommodation Services was successfully placed and accepted for execution by a FEEV Partner.

  12. Loyalty Program – FEEV Le Club’s Loyalty Program for Users who have an Account in the FEEV Application, organized and run according to these ToS.

  13. FEEV Cash – virtual points granted to the User who takes part in the Loyalty Program, which enable them to make payments for Tickets and Accommodation Services from FEEV Partners in the Application on the conditions determined in the ToS.

  14. FEEV Experience points – virtual points granted to the User who takes part in the Loyalty Program, which enable them to change the level in the Loyalty Program, granted for the User’s activity in the Application.

  15. PUSH – a notification sent automatically via the Application to the User, which the User can switch off at any time in the Application or an operating system that they use.

  16. Sales agreement – a contract entered in the FEEV Application between the Buyer and a FEEV Partner.

  17. Services – all services provided in the electronic form through the FEEV Application to Users, i.e., informing the Users about FEEV Partners’ offers, including the matching of Services taking into account the User’s current location (GPS, using the mobile device’s geolocation data, or based on the User’s declaration), brokering of the purchasing of Tickets or Accommodation Services from FEEV Partners, granting access to the chat function with other users, matching and following other Users and FEEV Partners, making complaints, creating and running a User’s Account and managing it.

  18. Accommodation Services – Accommodation Services (rooms, apartments, houses, etc.) in FEEV Partners’ premises, shared in the FEEV Application.

  19. User – every natural person using the FEEV Application and using one or more of its Services or functionalities.


  1. To download the FEEV Application and purchase Tickets or Accommodation Services, the User must have an end device with access to the Internet and a mobile device with the Android operating system (version 5.1 or newer) or iOS (version 11 or newer).

  2. To use some of the FEEV Application’s functionalities, including registering the Account and purchasing Tickets or Accommodation Services, it is necessary also to have an active e-mail account.

  3. For the User to use all functionalities of the FEEV Application, the FEEV Application may require an update to the User’s operating systems to their newer versions.

  4. While using the FEEV Application, it is forbidden for the Users to add illegal content, infringes on the law or good mores. The User is also obligated to refrain from any activity that could negatively influence the proper functioning of the FEEV Application, particularly interfering with the FEEV Application’s content or its technical elements. It is also forbidden to misuse the FEEV Application, including sending unsolicited messages or conducting commercial/advertising activities without consent from FEEV.

  5. Viewing offers in the FEEV Application and buying Tickets and Accommodation Services from the FEEV Partners requires registering an Account. Making orders for Tickets or Accommodation Services by the Buyer is possible by registering an Account or without registration after providing the necessary personal and address data which enable to execute the order.

  6. The FEEV Application uses the User’s geolocation data to determine the distance to the closest buildings that are Accommodation objects or display a list of places and restaurants. The distance between the User’s location and the building is an approximate value. The functionality is available after the User agrees to have their location data processed.

  7. FEEV reserves the option of the FEEV Application being temporarily unavailable in its entirety or parts of its functionalities, including doing necessary service and maintenance work in the necessary scope.

  8. FEEV has the right to terminate the provision of the Services and remove the User’s Account should they not observe the ToS or in the case where the successful provision of the Services is impossible through the User’s fault.

  9. The User may at any time remove the FEEV Application from their mobile device. Removing the FEEV Application does not mean removing the User’s Account.

  10. The Users cover the costs of data communication necessary to download, install, launch and use the FEEV Application on their own, based on the contracts entered with telecommunications operators or other Internet service providers. The User is responsible for any payment on account of the use of data communication necessary to use the FEEV Application.


  1. At the moment of downloading and installing the FEEV Application on their mobile device and registering an Account, an agreement between the User and FEEV is entered into for providing services in the electronic form in the scope of using the FEEV Application, in particular, using the services of maintaining an Account and access to the FEEV Application’s functionalities.

  2. Registering a User’s Account enables the user to view the Ticket or Accommodation service purchase history, view FEEV Partners’ offer, participate in the Loyalty Program, buy Tickets and Accommodation Services from FEEV Partners and use other functionalities available to registered Users.

  3. Only natural persons over eighteen years old who can perform acts in law in their own name may register an account, and persons over thirteen years old who have received the agreement from their legal guardian, and also on behalf of and for third parties, authorized employees or proxies.

  4. Registering a User’s Account (Buyer) for natural persons is set through:

a. correct filling out a registration form available in the FEEV Application. This form requires the User to provide their e-mail address, set up a password, provide their name, surname, date of birth, sex, User pseudonym (nickname), and accept the ToS. Additionally, the User provides information about their location (they select the city and country which will serve to display Accommodation objects in their location).

b. Redirecting from the FEEV Application for authentication through an external Apple and Google service – then the registration form is automatically filled with such data as: the User’s e-mail address and password submitted while logging into the Apple or Google service. To finish the registration, the User should accept the rules determined in the terms of service, fill in the missing data: name, surname, date of birth, sex, the User’s nickname, and location.

  1. The conditions of settlements between the Partner and FEEV are set based on a separate agreement. If the User sets up an Account and offers Tickets or Accommodation Services in the FEEV Application, they become a FEEV Partner.

  2. The conditions of settlements between the Partner and FEEV are set based on a separate agreement. If the User sets up an Account and offers Tickets or Accommodation Services in the FEEV Application, they become a FEEV Partner.

  3. During the registration, FEEV requires submitting a minimum scope of the User’s data which enables it to verify the User’s identity, contact the User, and adjusting the FEEV Application to the User’s location, and at the same time to prevent misuse from the User.

  4. While setting up a User’s Account, every User declares that:

  1. the data submitted are complete and up to date,

  2. they are authorized to enter an agreement for providing services in the electronic form,

  3. the data they provide do not infringe any rights of third parties,

  4. they will not publish Materials or communicate in the chat with information that may infringe on copyrights or other intellectual property rights or that may promote in any form the User’s or third parties’ activity,

  5. they agree to the use of the User’s image put in the FEEV Application for FEEV to provide Services and deliver the FEEV Application’s functionalities, and they declare that the persons whose image they put in the FEEV Application permitted them to do that,

  6. they have read the ToS and are obliged to observe it,

  7. In the case of a Consumer – they declare that they agree to the provision of electronic service in the form of running an Account and participation in the Loyalty Program and that it could begin before the end of the period of the withdrawal from the agreement on the provision of services, which means that they forfeit the right to withdraw.

9. Dokonanie rejestracji oznacza zawarcie przez Użytkownika z FEEV umowy o świadczenie usługi elektronicznej polegającej na prowadzeniu Konta Użytkownika, na zasadach określonych w niniejszym Regulaminie, a także uczestnictwo w Programie lojalnościowym. Registering means that the User enters an agreement with FEEV on provision of an electronic service of running a User’s Account on the conditions determined in these ToS, and participating in the Loyalty Program.

10. After registering in the FEEV Application, each logging in uses the data provided in the registration form, unless the User has changed them in the Account’s settings. In this instance, the updated data are used in terms of logging in. Users have the option to configure the logging into the Application with Face ID, Touch ID (if these functionalities are present on their mobile device), Apple or Google account, and a PIN code.

11. The User can change the data they provided on their own in the Application while the order is being executed according to the data provided by the User in a verified confirmation of the Ticket.

12. The User’s Account is visible to all Users and may be available to Internet users. The name and information about the User cannot be or include curses, offensive or illegal content, or content that is in any way against commonly accepted customs and social norms.

13. The Materials posted by the User in the FEEV Application are unclassified information that becomes public through their publication, excluding the content from private messages, including the materials shared between Users within the chat.


  1. Within the Services, FEEV enables the User to:

    1. get to know the offer from FEEV Partners, and offers from other, selected external service providers offering hotel and transport services,

    2. complete the purchase process with FEEV Partners through the FEEV Application,

    3. have support in the process of filing a complaint against FEEV Partners,

    4. run and manage the User’s Account,

    5. participate in the Loyalty Program, collect FEEV Cash and FEEV Experience points and make payments for Accommodation Services or Tickets using them,

    6. use the chat service, which enables them to contact other FEEV Users by sending alternate text messages.

    7. Use IT tools that allow the Users to present and exchange information about the Users by, among others, running a base of Accounts and FEEV Partners available in the FEEV Application, which enable the Users to find other Users and FEEV Partners and to exchange the correspondence to enable them to establish new contacts between the Users.

  1. Registering a User’s Account in the FEEV Application and using the FEEV Application’s functionalities by the individual Users is free of charge.

  2. The agreement on the provision of services in the electronic form is binding for an indefinite time unless stated otherwise in the ToS. There is no minimum time set for the User’s obligations to FEEV.

  3. The agreement on provision of services in the electronic form, which consists in enabling the User to place an order to purchase a Ticket or an Accommodation service from a FEEV Partner, is binding for a definite period of time and is terminated at the moment of placing an order, or when the User stops placing it.

  4. The User’s Account is run for the User for an indefinite period of time. The User may cease to run the Account by removing it by themselves in the Application or request to have it removed at any time by sending a specific request to [email protected]. There are no charges on account of resigning and removing the Account.

  5. FEEV may send push notifications to the User regarding, e.g. the FEEV Partners followed by the User, a start of ticket sales, last Tickets available, reminders about the purchased Tickets or Accommodation Services, social activities, birthday reminders.

  6. The parties to the agreements made through the FEEV Application are FEEV Partners and the buyer, while FEEV acts as a proxy.

  7. From the moment of receiving the Confirmation of the Buyer’s order from a FEEV Partner, a sales agreement is entered into, and the FEEV Partner is solely responsible for its successful execution.

  8. The User should not share access to the Services or the FEEV Application with third parties. The User is obligated to immediately inform FEEV about the unauthorized use of their Account in the FEEV Application by a third party.

  9. FEEV has the right to remove or block a User’s Account and also block access to some of the parts of the FEEV Application in the following instances:

    1. in the case where the User places a fictitious or false order or uses false data,

    2. unauthorized use of another person’s data,

    3. when the User infringes on the provisions of the ToS,

    4. when the User infringes on a third party’s rights, including intellectual property,

    5. publication of Materials or content within chat that bears the hallmarks of a violation or crime, or if they are against the law.

  10. 11. Blocking an Account means termination of the agreement with the User on the provision of services in the electronic form.


  1. The buyer may place orders for Tickets or Accommodation Services in the FEEV Application seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

  2. The Application enables the User to purchase Tickets or Accommodation Services:

    1. from external subjects:

      1. In the FEEV Application, the User familiarizes themselves with offers from such subjects, and the purchase process is carried out through a web view by a redirect to a third-party website.

    2. from internal FEEV Partners

      1. In the FEEV Application, the User familiarizes themselves with FEEV Partners’ offers, and then the User may buy a Ticket or Accommodation Services in the FEEV Application, making a payment through payment platform Stripe.

  3. To buy a Ticket or Accommodation Services, one needs to:

    1. log in to their Account.

    2. select the type and number of Tickets or Accommodation Services from external subjects, and then act according to the instructions shared by the external service providers on their websites.

    3. select the type and number of Tickets or Accommodation from a FEEV Partner, and after these steps, they need to go to the screen with the summary of the order and click the Buy or Book button.

    4. By clicking the payment button, the User confirms that the order of a Ticket or Accommodation service involves an obligation to pay. The sales agreement between a FEEV Partner and the User is entered into at the moment when the payment operator provides information about the successful completion of a transaction and or charging the credit card under the condition that Tickets or Accommodation are available at the moment and under the condition suspending the payment of the total price on account of the price and entering the payment into the books regarding the order in question.

    5. The execution of the order will be done immediately after the payment from the User is entered into the books.

  4. Available ways of distribution of Tickets:

    1. From FEEV Partners – electronic tickets which after the successful purchase will be automatically added to the Wallet in the User’s Account in the Application, where the User can download them and print them out, or show a QR code assigned to a Ticket directly from the Application while entering the event from external Organizers (where the Ticket purchase process is conducted through viewing external websites outside the FEEV Application) are delivered to an external Organizer in a way expected by them. FEEV does not have access to the Tickets bought in this manner.

  1. The condition for buying a Ticket or Accommodation Services is the correct course of the purchase process, according to the instructions included in the FEEV Application, complete filling out the Buyer’s data and accepting the ToS, as well as the Buyer making the payment indicated in the Application within the deadline determined there.

  2. If there is no payment for the Ticket or Accommodation service within the set time period, the Tickets and Accommodation Services are returned to the pool of the ones available for purchase.

  3. The details of the method of delivery and costs associated with it when the purchase was made with external subjects are subject to terms of services of the given subjects outside the FEEV Application.

  4. FEEV acts as a proxy in the sales of the Tickets and Accommodation Services on behalf of FEEV Partners. FEEV is not a party to an agreement entered into with the User.

  5. The purchase of Tickets and provision of Accommodation Services is subject to the conditions determined by a Party of an agreement in terms of service on the provision of services of these subjects.

  6. The number of Tickets available for purchase is different depending on a given connection. Therefore, FEEV has no influence on the number of available Tickets.

  7. In the case of some Tickets or Accommodation Services, they may be sold with additional authorizations, products, or other services.

  8. Purchasing Tickets and Accommodation Services may be subject to limits on numbers under the binding provisions.

  9. In the case of personal tickets, if the details on the Ticket are different from the Ticket holder, the FEEV Partner has the right to refuse entry of such a person to the transport for which the Ticket was bought.

  10. Tickets may be bought with the reservation of certain limits regarding the entry or their use.

  11. Invoices that document the purchase of goods or services from FEEV Partners or third-party entities are issued only by the subjects providing these services. Accordingly, any complaints regarding these subjects’ provision of these services should be directed at the subjects who are exclusively authorized to handle complaints.


  1. Within the FEEV Application, the following payment methods for Tickets and Accommodation Services are available:

    1. with the Points received in the Loyalty Program (FCASH),

    2. Selected credit card and payment methods provided through the payment platform Stripe. Available payment methods may vary depending on region and or country and or availability.

  1. Some payment methods may be unavailable for some Tickets or Accommodation Services. Electronic payments in the FEEV Application are carried out by external operators based on the payment method chosen by the Buyer.

  2. All electronic payments are carried out with the binding regulations at a given external operator of these payments, and FEEV is not responsible for their correctness. The Buyer is obligated to get to know the regulations from the sentence above before paying.

  3. Prices of Tickets offered by FEEV Partners include the VAT tax in the adequate, binding rate and are given in Euros. FEEV makes every effort to present up-to-date information in the FEEV Application regarding Tickets and Accommodation Services and does so by immediate updates in the Application.

  4. Tickets from FEEV Partners are shared with Users immediately after the correct entering of the payments.

  5. A FEEV Partner has the right to make changes on a current basis in the Ticket and Accommodation Services’ prices. However, this right does not influence orders made before the change in the price was made.


  1. FEEV does not expect the option to send Users marketing information.


  1. The User may file a complaint regarding the rules of providing services in the electronic form by FEEV in the scope of functionalities in the FEEV Application determined in these ToS, at ____

  2. A complaint request should contain the details that enable us to successfully inform the person making the complaint about the manner of reviewing the complaint and the cause of the complaint and its subject. For this purpose, the person making the complaint should point in it their name and surname and the delivery address (for correspondence or electronic mail).

  3. The User who has an active Account in the FEEV Application may file a complaint with it, or the website at the Get Help ____ section.

  4. FEEV reviews the complaints within 30 days from the day they are submitted.

  5. All complaints connected with the Services provided by FEEV Partners (Accommodation Services, transport services) should be submitted directly to a FEEV Partner with whom an appropriate agreement was made via the FEEV Application.


  1. FEEV is not liable for:

    1. a lost or stolen Ticket,

    2. loss of the User’s access data for the FEEV Application caused by external factors or other circumstances independent from FEEV or a FEEV Partner,

    3. damage caused by the lack of continuity of the provision of the Services arising from e.g., removing the User’s Account which infringes the ToS,

    4. the User providing false or incomplete information at the registration of the Account or using the FEEV Services, in particular, purchasing Tickets or Accommodation Services,

    5. damage caused by using the FEEV Application against the law or the ToS, in particular, disclosing the Account’s passwords, disclosing personal data,

    6. errors in the information from the FEEV Application about Accommodation Services or Tickets which are caused by actions or negligence by FEEV Partners, among others, by not updating the information,

    7. the performance of the User’s electronic mail, their mobile device or ICT lines,

    8. errors occurring while making an online payment, handled by an external payment operator,

    9. delays in the delivery or returns of Tickets or Accommodation Services by a FEEV Partner,

    10. incompatibility of a Ticket or Accommodation service with the Buyer’s order. FEEV does not verify whether the services provided by FEEV Partners are compatible with the order. The FEEV Partner or a third party assigned as the carrier or the Accommodation service provider are responsible for any incompatibilities with the order.

    11. the way the Users use the chat function, and the content shared among the Users and its genuineness,

    12. the inability to buy Tickets or Accommodation Services at a price, the Buyer chose originally in the case the price changes or there are changes in the availability of Tickets or Accommodation Services,

    13. The failure to meet any obligations of these ToS in the scope in which it will be caused by force majeure or actions of a third party.

  1. Decisions regarding calling off a transport or Accommodation service, refunds, rescheduling of dates, places, or persons authorized to use the service, refusal of entry are made by the carrier or the subject providing the Accommodation Services. FEEV, as the proxy, is not liable toward the Buyer for the decisions made by the subjects mentioned above. However, the User is solely liable for the Materials posted in the FEEV Application and content sent in the correspondence in the chat with other Users.

  2. The User is responsible for actions or negligence of another subject which they enable to use their Account, as well as for their own actions or negligence.


  1. At the moment of registering a User’s Account in the FEEV Application, the User also signs up for the Loyalty Program. Participation in the Loyalty Program is free of charge and voluntary.

  2. The program consists of granting FEEV Cash Points to the Users who bought Tickets or Accommodation Services in the FEEV Application.

  3. FEEV Cash Points are non-withdrawable and cannot be exchanged for any cash or prizes.

  4. In the Loyalty Program, the following User levels are available: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond, which are granted according to point thresholds presented in the Application in the Le Club section.

  5. By registering their Account, the User receives the bronze level in the Loyalty Program.

  6. With the activity in the FEEV Application, the Users can receive FEEV Experience Points which are required to upgrade between different levels of the Loyalty Program. Social activities which will be rewarded will be, for example: sharing content with other Users in the FEEV Application, liking other Users’ activities, following other Users. The User will be informed about the number of FEEV Experience Points possible to get when performing an action.

  7. To count FEEV Cash Points, the total price of the Accommodation Services or Tickets that the User paid to a FEEV Partner is taken into account.

  8. The number of FEEV Cash Points received from a reservation of Accommodation Services depends on the commission rate that FEEV receives from given FEEV Partners. Therefore, the number of FEEV Cash Points is presented to the User before purchasing a given Ticket or Accommodation service.

  9. The User receives a number of FEEV Cash Points that is proportional to the FEEV’s commission. The percentage share in FEEV’s commission exchanged for FEEV Cash Points depends on the level reached by the User in the Loyalty Program. The amount of the share in FEEV’s commission exchanged for FEEV Cash Points is as follows:

    1. bronze level- 10%,

    2. silver level - 20%,

    3. gold level - 30%,

    4. platinum level - 40%,

    5. diamond level - 50%.

  10. The moment of receiving FEEV Cash Points depends on the moment in which the FEEV Partner pays FEEV its commission.

  11. The Users may pay for Accommodation Services and Tickets with FEEV Cash Points in the Application. However, the User may not partially pay for the Accommodation Services or Tickets with FEEV Cash Points. FEEV Cash Points are an available payment method only when the total amount for a given service can be paid with FEEV Cash Points. There is no option to pay a part of the amount with FEEV Cash Points and a part with other forms of payment.

  12. Every User has the option to check the number of FEEV Cash Points and FEEV Experience after logging into their Account.

  13. The authorization to exercise the rights granted in the Loyalty Program based on these ToS may not be transferred to a third party.

  14. The amount of the number of FEEV Cash Points received by the User is reduced by the number of Points used to buy Accommodation Services or Tickets from FEEV Partners.

  15. The Loyalty Program is organized for an indefinite period of time until further notice from FEEV.

  16. The FEEV Cash Points remain on the User’s Account for an indefinite period of time until the User uses them.

  17. The FEEV Experience Points are valid for one year from the date they are granted. After a year, the number of FEEV Experience Points is reduced by 50% of the total.


  1. The User who enters an agreement with a FEEV Partner in the FEEV Application does not have the right to withdraw from a ticket sales agreement with FEEV Partners without providing a reason.

  2. In the case of canceling a transport or Accommodation Services, and any changes being made by a FEEV Partner, the Users may receive information in the FEEV Application or an e-mail.

  3. The rules of changes, cancelations, and refunds for transport or Accommodation services from a FEEV Partner are determined in separate terms of services of FEEV Partners.


  1. All information, data, and materials shared in the FEEV Application (including, among others, names, logos, placement, and pricing lists, and the color scheme and the website’s layout) are items of intellectual property, in particular, FEEV’s or FEEV Partners’ copyrights.

  2. The User may use the information and materials described in section 1 above only within the boundaries of permitted personal use, in the scope determined by the binding provisions of law. It is not, in particular, permitted to use the FEEV Application’s resources as a basis for the User to run any commercial activity leaning on the information and tools included in the FEEV Application.

  3. Using the content published in the FEEV Application does not mean that the User received any copyrights from FEEV or other subjects.

  4. No part, as well as the entirety of the content which the User uses, may be copied and distributed in any form and any other manner (electronic or mechanical). FEEV does not allow the Users to copy, multiply, modify, share on the Internet, and to use the Materials and messages from the FEEV Application in other forms, excluding the permitted use.

  5. The User declares that the materials they publish are free from any legal defects or any third party rights or claims and that they have all the rights to the Materials, particularly financial copyrights and related rights. The User guarantees that they have the permission to share the image of all persons on the Materials that they publish and also declares that posting them in the FEEV Application does not infringe on any third party rights.

  6. By publishing Materials, in particular images, materials, or statements on the Account, the User:

    1. grants FEEV a non-exclusive, termless, and free of charge license to use the Materials, store, including on any media, the data in any technique, modify, remove, complete, publicly execute, publicly display, copy and disseminate (in particular on the Internet) of these Materials for marketing, informational, statistical purposes, and to publish them in the media such as the Internet,

    2. is obligated to file an appropriate written statement should a third party purse claim against FEEV regarding an infringement on any rights to the Materials published, including content, graphic materials or a third party public image. The statement will indemnify FEEV from liability in this scope. The User is also obligated, if necessary, to join the case, returning to FEEV all expenses connected with the court proceedings, including in particular the expenses borne to pay for legal representation and adjudged compensations.


  1. The rules of processing the Users’ personal data and privacy protection are included in the Privacy Policy document.

  2. FEEV reserves the right to change these ToS for the following essential reasons and in the scope stemming from an important cause justifying the change:

    1. a change in the provisions of law or an authorized body issuing a legally binding decision which necessitates changing the ToS – in the necessary scope,

    2. the necessity to ensure the safe functioning of the FEEV Application and to prevent abuse – in the necessary scope,

    3. the necessity to protect the Users’ justified interest – in the necessary scope,

    4. introducing new or extending the existing functionalities of the FEEV Application – in the necessary scope,

    5. being able to offer the Users more profitable conditions of using the FEEV Application – in the necessary scope,

    6. changing of technical conditions of providing services in the electronic form,

    7. the necessity to remove any vagueness, errors, or typographical errors which could possibly occur in the ToS,

    8. changing address details, names, ID numbers, electronic addresses, or links present in the ToS,

    9. changing the process of entering agreements and making payments through the FEEV Application,

    10. Changing the rules of the Loyalty Program or its cancelation.

  1. The User will be informed about a change in the ToS at least 14 days before the date of the change via email, unless the binding provisions of law or an authorized body’s legally binding decisions will require FEEV to make changes in a shorter period of time.

  2. After 14 days counted from the day on which the User is informed about the change in the Tos, they should accept the new ToS during the logging into the Application. Failure to accept the ToS means losing access to the FEEV Application.

  3. Changes in the ToS will not affect the Tickets and Accommodation Services purchased before it, and they are carried out on the past rules.

  4. The Consumer may receive free of charge support on their rights and regarding a dispute between them, and FEEV or between them, and FEEV Partners, among others, by consulting a municipal consumer advocate or a social organization which has the protection of Consumers in its statutory rules. Information for Consumers, including information about the possibility of receiving support, is also available on the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection’s website.

  5. The ToS is in effect from 13-08-2021

  6. The ToS is available at ____, in the FEEV Application in the Terms of Service mark. The User will be informed about each change in the ToS through email. The User may at any time read the up-to-date version of the ToS in the FEEV Application.

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